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Courier Chronicles- part 2

Summary:  Second short in the Courier Chronicles universe.  Jessica's been injured during a delivery.  Now she has to endure the tender mercies of her sister. 
Word count:  1,000 words
Rating:  13+

Jessica James groaned and leaned back against the metal coated cement wall that her bed rested against. Her sister, Allison “Call me anything else and I'll kill you even if we are sisters” Peabody, sprayed the open cut the courier had gotten from her last delivery with antiseptic. The courier hissed through her teeth, muscles clamping up and making the pain a thousand times worse.


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Courier Chronicles

Summary:  The first of many shorts set in a time in the future where there is no postal service.  Everyone must rely on courier companies to get packages anywhere.  One of the best couriers is Jessica James.  She hasn't lost a package to theft or the elements in four years and she isn't going to start now.  On this run, Jessica's delivering a package that's wanted by a few people.  Her boss owes her big for this one.
Rating:  13 and up due to swearing and a bit of off screen violence
Length:  1000 words

She tried not to breath through her nose as she lay stomach down on a pile of garbage conveniently located beneath the fire-escape she had just plunged from. Yes, Jessica James, world class courier who had never lost a package in her five year carrier, twitched involuntarily as she thought over what had brought her to being face to face with yesterday's dinner and rotting banana peels.


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Now it's done

Ok, so for my first post, I think it's best to get out there that i have finally finished my first novel, a young adult fantasy. It's called Death's Warrior. I will post a summary up here later.  It's been a process.  I've even all ready re-wrote the entire thing once.  It has been a great adventure so far, and now I'm trying to find a publisher or agent who will look at it.  I'd prefer a publisher over and agent, though.  An agent is good and all ,but i doubt they'd be able to help me much.  All the ones I've contact haven't wanted a thing to do with my book. 

Well, that's most of what I want to say in this post.  Look forward to more as I've started a new novel, this one focused at adults.  It's a bit of a mix of steampunk setting with some classical fantasy elements. 





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